Grantmaking Guidelines

Meet Our Grantees


The Doll Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. The Foundation considers proposals on an invitation-only basis. Invited applicants will be provided further instructions directly from the foundation.

Mission Statement

The Doll Family Foundation is primarily a vehicle for the multi-generational Doll family to share values and do good together. Through our years of grantmaking experience, we have realized that we prefer to make small strategic investments to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of organizations
  • Develop leadership, and
  • Build movements that create positive change.

The Foundation does not generally provide funding for general operating support. We invest in direct service only when the services are linked with these strategies above or when it overlaps 2 or more of our grantmaking priority interest areas (see below).

Increasing Effectiveness strategies strengthen organizations and develop leaders who work for the social good as a powerful way to accelerate and sustain positive change. Increasing Effectiveness efforts aim to increase an organization’s long-term sustainability and impact by sharpening strategic planning capabilities, improving efficiency, building capacity, and/or scaling services. Examples include leadership development programs, developing best practices, implementing technology improvements, strategic planning, and scaling-up to expand or open new service outlets. (From

Developing Leadership activities improve the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders. Programs vary massively in complexity, cost and style of teaching. Coaching and mentoring are two forms of development often used to guide and develop leaders. (From

Building Movements efforts inspire and support people to take action together to achieve deep and lasting social, cultural or political change. Activities often include advocacy, grassroots organizing, public education, media campaigns, and social action. (From

Grantmaking Priority Interest Areas

  • In 2023, we are returning to our three, pre-pandemic priority areas:
    • The empowerment of low-income women to improve their lives after a significant life challenge
    • The promotion of philanthropy with an emphasis on engaging underrepresented communities (i.e., women, youth and communities of color), and
    • The support of media campaigns fostering strong environmental policy development

Geographic Focus

The Foundation maintains its geographic focus on organizations and projects in the communities in which our Trustees live:

  • Bozeman, MT
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA

On rare occasions, the Foundation will consider supporting a national organization or project that hews closely to our priority interest areas.